Setting Limits That Work

Feb 24, 2022

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Have you been looking for the magic formula to get your kids to listen? In this episode, we’re walking through step 3 of the Calm Mama Process - LIMIT SETTING. This is going to be different than anything you’ve heard before. You’ll learn all about setting limits that actually work.

In past episodes, I talked about the first 2 steps of the Calm Mama Process. If you missed them, be sure to go back and listen.

Step 1: CALM

Now, let’s get into it.

For years I went to parenting workshops trying to discover the secret limit-setting formula.

I always left disappointed.

Most of those parenting programs taught that limits are when we firmly state what we want our child to do. That was it. That was their secret, magic formula.

So I'd go home and try their formula. I'd say "brush your teeth, kids" in a very sweet voice. And they would ignore me.

I'd say it again a little more firmly, "It's time to brush your teeth." Still no action.

I'd repeat myself for a third time, "Brush your teeth NOW." And this time they might look at me but still continue playing.

That's when I could feel myself getting angry and my tone would get harsh. I'd say, "Brush. Your. Teeth. Now." And my teeth would clench, eyes glaring. Sometimes this squinty-eye/harsh tone thing would work; sometimes not.

By the FIFTH time, I would yell and say, "Brush your teeth right now or I will not read books to you tonight!" And this would typically get them moving.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Listen to the full episode to learn my limit-setting formula, so you can stop repeating yourself 5x and using commands and threats. I'm giving you lots of real-life examples so you can start practicing with your kids today.


You’ll Learn:

  • How commands, threats and limits are not the same thing
  • Why threats don’t work
  • How your kid’s brain is set up to ignore you
  • My limit setting formula (with real examples)


Connect with Me:

The moms in Calm Mama School get instant access to an entire module on Limit Set, and I coach on it all the time during the live group coaching calls, and in our private Facebook group.

Some of the moms have said “it’s like learning a new language” and it kinda is.

You can sign up today, watch the limit setting module and come to coaching this week and get support right away. Enroll here. 

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