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The Calm Mama Process

My 4-step process to get for a calm, connected and peaceful home.

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The Calm Mama Coaching Philosophy

The goal of Calm Mama Parenting is to raise emotionally healthy adults.

In Calm Mama Coaching, we work towards raising an emotionally healthy adult who has these qualities.

  • Knows how to cope with all emotions in healthy ways. 
  • Has good relationships with themselves, with their parents, and with others.
  • They trust themselves and are willing to take risks to achieve their goals. 
  • Knows their worth as a human is not based on performance or external behavior.
  • Takes personal responsibility for their actions and behaviors. 

In Calm Mama Coaching, we create an emotionally healthy environment by using The Calm Mama Process.

  1. CALM: A parent who is committed to their emotional health. Managing and regulating your own reactivity is KEY to being a calm and gentle parent. Getting to "calm" is a major component of Calm Mama Coaching.
  2. CONNECT: Skills to cope with emotions in healthy ways are modeled and taught. Having a simple way to connect with your kid's feelings, and tools to emotionally coach your kid, will help them learn to manage their feelings in respectful ways. Becoming your kid's emotional coach is the primary goal of Calm Mama Coaching. 
  3. LIMIT SET: Limits & boundaries are clearly communicated and held. I teach parents a model for establishing limits and routines that gets kids to listen without repeating, reminding, rescuing, shaming or blaming. 
  4. CORRECT: A shame- free environment where it' s ok to make mistakes & learn from them. Shame-free consequences that actually teach personal responsibility is a foundational principle in Calm Mama Coaching. 


In the Calm Mama Coaching programs, you get a simple parenting model to validate your child's emotions, teach them better ways to express their emotions, set firm boundaries, while staying calm and connected to your kids. 

"I LOVE being coached by you—it has truly made a huge impact in my life. I truly feel that the last few weeks—there has been a “shift”in my life, in the kids, how I parent… it’s been so so so GOOD—and something that I can see we have all benefited from. I can SEE and feel the benefits. Thank you so much."

Netanya Dennis
Mom of 7 & 12 year old boys