Hi! I'm Darlynn Childress

I help moms raise emotionally healthy kids without losing their shit.  

Hi! I'm Darlynn Childress

I help moms handle misbehavior with gentleness and without yelling.  




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Get a weekly mama love letter and parenting tips, straight from me to you. Learn how to stop yelling, teach your kids self-regulation tools, and create limits that work. Week in and week out. 

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Learn more about my year long mentorship program, specifically designed for moms who want to know exactly how to handle misbehavior without losing their shit, so they can enjoy their kids and stop feeling like a "bad mom".

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Become A Calm Mama Podcast

A parenting podcast where you learn practical parenting tools and strategies so you can stop yelling, feel more calm, and show up as the mom you want to be.

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