Getting to Calm with The Pause Break

Feb 10, 2022

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In this episode I’m sharing with you my definition of CALM and giving you my go-to strategy for getting to calm using a tool I call The Pause Break. 

The Pause Break allows you to access calm, even in the middle of a moment when you feel overwhelmed or angry.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about what the absence of calm looks like. 

I know you’ve been there, and so have I.  

Showing up when you aren’t feeling calm looks a little different for everyone, but you might find yourself:

  • yelling
  • saying mean things
  • making threats
  • rescuing
  • bribing
  • being rough with your kid's body
  • giving in to your kid's demands
  • feeling exhausted
  • lecturing
  • talking a lot
  • shutting down
  • not following through on consequences
  • not taking care of yourself
  • sleeping poorly
  • grumpiness that you can't shake
  • escalating things when your kid gets upset
  • shutting your kid down

…generally acting in ways you don’t love.

When you have a mad mom episode, it’s easy to beat yourself up and tell yourself things like I’m a bad mom or I’m messing up my kids.  Which makes you feel guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, frustrated and confused. 

The more negative thoughts you have, the more defeated, discouraged, and guilty you will feel. And when you feel bad, it’s hard to change your behavior. 

So you end up yelling again.

I call this Mad Mom Syndrome, and it is a vicious cycle of negative thoughts leading to negative feelings leading to negative actions and then back again. 

So how do you break that cycle?

That’s what we’re diving into for these 30 minutes.  

The Pause Break is the single most important tool I teach. It is where all of your personal growth happens. It’s the space where change occurs. 

If you only take one thing away from this podcast episode, I hope it’s this: You can always take a PAUSE BREAK.  It’s the first, and most important, step towards CALM.

Listen to the full episode now for all the details.


You’ll Learn:

  • Why Mad Mom Syndrome happens
  • Why your kid’s behavior triggers such strong feelings
  • How your stress response influences your actions
  • The 3 simple steps of The Pause Break that you can do anytime, anywhere


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