Overcoming Fear with Raising Teens

Overcoming Fear With Raising Teens

Oct 05, 2022

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Fear is really common in all stages of parenting. In this episode, we’re diving deeper into overcoming the fear that comes with raising teens in particular. 

It can all be pretty confusing. When we're worried, are our fears valid? Are we supposed to do something? Are we not? And how are we supposed to know all of this?

I like to think of parenting through the image of a tightrope walker with a safety net below them.

Your kids are on the tightrope, up high, navigating the distances between one development stage to another. 

You are the net holder. When your kid is young, your net is really close to the tightrope, but as your kid gets older, your net needs to drop lower and lower. 

Dropping your net can be scary. 

We don’t want them to fall. But that’s where the learning happens. 

The conflict is between trusting that our kids will be ok, while also desperately wanting to prevent them from experiencing any pain, discomfort, or failure.

Parenthood is one long journey of dropping your net and trusting your kid.

In this episode, I'll give you some strategies to overcome fear by cultivating trust. 


Trusting Yourself

You are a mom and won’t ever stop being one. 

You’ve trained your brain and heart to pay attention to your kid for years. 

You can trust that you will continue to show up for your kid and help them solve problems - that you will always have your net out for them.

You’ve already survived and overcome a lot. And you’re still here. So I know you can figure out how to raise a teen!

Self-trust is all about trusting past you for doing her best and trusting that present-day you will continue to do her best and that she can handle anything that comes your way. 


Trusting Your Teen

When you look at your kid right now, it might be hard to trust them. Your kid has an undeveloped brain. They don’t have a lot of life experience because they haven’t lived a ton of life. 

Trusting your kid is about knowing them deeply. Who they are at their core. Anchoring your beliefs in what you know is true about your kid. 

Trusting your kid is also about looking towards the future and creating a POSITIVE vision for their life, rather than thinking about all that could go wrong (which only fuels the fear). 

This topic of fear & trust is so important. Cultivating trust in yourself and your kids makes it much easier for you kids to believe in themselves! Listen to the full episode for more examples and tools.


You’ll Learn:

  • How to overcome fear by cultivating trust
  • Why choosing to trust your teen is so important
  • How to create a Positive Parenting Vision for your teen’s life




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