With this toolkit you'll create your:

#1: Summer Mindset

Create an intention for the summer and design your ideal day.

#2: Summer Plan

Make a plan for screens, sweets, sleep, showers and self care.

#3: Summer Confidence

Know exactly how to overcome boredom and other parenting obstacles.

Now is the time to plan for a summer you actually enjoy...

 Get the Summer Plan Toolkit & Mini-Course - 3 videos and a guide that has everything you need to kick off your summer with clarity and confidence, so you can feel super calm and enjoy your kids.

Get a guide to help you plan a summer with kids you actually enjoy

Sometimes the hard parts of summer suck the fun out of the good parts. 

Summer brings moments of laughing with your kids while they slurp popsicles and lick the drips from their sun-kissed arms. More time for game nights, beach days, road trips and playing outside. Ah, wonderful. 

But summer also means extra snacks, lots of meals, boredom, heat waves, crabby kids, mosquito bites, sibling squabbles, too many late nights, battles over screen time, lots of sugar. And very little time for yourself. Booooooo. 

Without a plan for the sucky/hard parts of summer, you’ll spend most of it unhappy, burned out, resentful and exhausted. 

To enjoy summer with your kids, you need a plan for the hard parts. 

 In this free guide, you'll get tangible tools to make it your best summer ever… from managing your expectations, to getting kids to listen, to self care in the summer,  to handling boredom, to sibling fighting and more.

‚ÄúThe Stress Free Summer PlanToolkit‚ÄĚ - a 30+ page guide, jam-packed with scripts and strategies.

Plus an invitation to Calm Mama Club so you can have the support you want coming out of the Summer Planning event

If you want more good times this summer and a plan to manage the hard parts, register today. 

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I want you to have your best summer yet.  These tools are my gift to you.


Parent Transformations

Plan a Summer With Kids You Actually Enjoy - FREE class.


In this free guide you will:

‚úĒ Create an intention for how you want to remember this summer

‚úĒ¬†Get out of your mama mind drama so you can enjoy the silly moments

‚úĒ¬†Set up limits & routines that work for your summer schedule (think screens, sleep, sweets, showers...all the things)

‚úĒ¬†Have an "I'm bored" plan

‚úĒ¬†Feel empowered to design a summer that works for you


+ PLUS you will get the Summer Plan Workbook 


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