Why Siblings Fight & What To Do About It

May 26, 2022

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Ever wonder why siblings fight (like all the time)?  And more importantly, what to do about it?

Sibling fighting can be arguing, physically fighting, saying mean things to each other, shouting or bickering - any of that. 

We’re getting into it in this episode, and you might be surprised to learn that a lot of the “problem” isn’t even about the fight.  It’s about how your kids’ fighting makes you feel and what you make it mean.


Why Siblings Fight

While it may be unpleasant and stressful for you as a parent, Sibling conflict is TOTALLY NORMAL. In fact, it’s actually healthy. Sibling relationships are one of the safest relationships to try out different things to see how relationships work.

I’m going through the top 5 reasons kids fight so you can start to see some patterns with your own kids.  

The biggest culprits? Boredom, big feelings, resentment, habit…and boredom again.


How to Handle Sibling Conflict

So what do you do when things start to escalate?

Our focus here is not just on the interaction happening between your kids, but how YOU interact with your kids when they fight.

When you intervene and solve the conflict for your kids, they are not learning how to think and solve conflicts on their own. So fighting becomes an easy way for them to get attention, entertainment and release their big feelings. 

When you guide your children to think and solve their problems, fighting becomes something that requires effort FOR THEM. 

I’ll walk you through exactly what I mean and how you can show up as a guide (rather than a judge or referee) for your kids.


You’ll Learn:

  • One simple question to uncover your true thoughts about sibling conflict
  • The top five reasons kids fight
  • Your role in handling conflict between kids
  • What to do and say when your kids are fighting


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