Post Pandemic Parenting: Is Your Kid OK?

Apr 13, 2022

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Whether we’re technically post pandemic or not at this point, we can all agree that parenting has some additional challenges now - especially when you’re not sure if your kid is OK.

Our kids are out and about in the world, quarantine is over, schools are open, mask requirements are ending, and sports and other activities are a thing again.

But getting “back to normal” isn’t that simple.

In this episode, I’m talking about the after-effects of quarantine on kids, the worries and frustrations parents are having and giving you some strategies to cope.


Parenting in a pandemic

Among other things, quarantine had a big effect on our kids’ development.

Think of child development like a train on a track, chugging along toward adulthood.

But in March 2020, all the trains stopped. And kids got out at whatever station they were nearest to.

Your child’s development and growth continued - but in isolation. They weren’t developing in community with others.

When school, sports and other activities started up again, kids got back on the developmental train, but they’d been propelled forward, passing stations along the way.

The catching up they’re doing now creates a lot of stress.


Post pandemic life

Stress shows up in our kids in a lot of different ways.

And their stress creates a stress response in parents, too.

When you feel worried, overwhelmed and uncertain about how to help your child, you may find yourself signing them up for all the things, pushing them harder and trying to get them back on track.

Without realizing it, you’re putting even more pressure on your kids.

Listen to the full episode now to for ideas on how to support your child through this new stage.

You’ll Learn:

  • What stress looks like in kids
  • What your kid actually needs from you right now
  • How to offer activities and opportunities without overdoing it
  • What to say when your child is feeling stressed


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