Mama Day Holiday

BONUS Episode: Mama Day Holiday

Dec 22, 2022

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 Mama Day Holiday is coming! In this short episode, I’m telling you all about what it is, how to celebrate and guiding you through planning your own Mama Day Holiday.

Mama Day Holiday on December 26th is an official holiday (declared by me) where moms do NOTHING. 

They don't cook, they don't clean, they don't play with kids. They don't do anything that they don't want to do. It’s basically a day off for moms after the busy holiday season. Because we need a break!


Why a holiday for moms?

The holidays are intense. We’ve talked a lot about overwhelm and burnout leading up to all the festivities, but no matter how you do it, it is a lot.  

There is the mental labor that comes with planning gifts, food, photos and cards. The physical labor of shopping, gift wrapping, errands and extra housework. And the emotional labor of handling the gimmies, boundaries and big feelings.

I want to help more moms believe that they have permission to take care of themselves and recognize that they might need a day to rest and reset after the holiday season.


Planning your Mama Day Holiday

Mama, you deserve a day off. But no one is going to give it to you. You have to claim it and make it happen. 

This means you need to:

#1: Tell people that you are taking a day off. If the 26th doesn’t work for you, pick another day.

#2: Get the help you need to cover childcare or whatever else is going on.

#3: Decide what you want to do with your day.

If you aren’t even sure what you want to do or feel like you don’t know how to rest and reset, here are a couple questions you can ask yourself:

  • If I had a whole day to myself, what would I do?
  • What did I used to do before I had kids?

This doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant (but it can be if that’s what you want). Mama Day Holiday is for all of us.

You can drop your standards to bare minimums with your people (they need to eat and not hurt each other). It’s ok if your kids spend extra time on screens that day. It’s ok if they eat popcorn or cereal for dinner. 

I want to hear your plans and see your Mama Day Holiday! Post pics of yourself on Instagram or Facebook and tag me @darlynnchildress or use the hashtag #mamadayholiday. Let’s spread this far and wide!


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