10 Things to Make Parenting Easier

May 18, 2022

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10 years ago this May, I taught my first parenting class. TEN YEARS AGO!  In this episode I’m sharing reflections and 10 observations to make parenting easier.


Celebrating 10 Years

Over the last decade, I’ve privately coached over 200 moms, taught over 500 hours of group classes to more than 1000 parents. I’ve written 4 parenting handbooks, at least 700 emails, thousands of social media posts and gave away over 20 different free parenting toolkits.  

It’s been SO much fun! 

I've learned A LOT about parenting, kids, mothers, families and the experience of motherhood and have done my best to create simple concepts, tools and scripts to help moms and dads create more peace and connection in their families without resorting to anger, threats and lectures.

This milestone has brought up a lot of memories, and I’m sharing the highs and lows with you today - including reading some passages from my journals in 2008 and 2009 - when I was feeling so lost as a mom.

3 years after opening up to a friend about my anger and fear and attending my very first parenting workshop, I wrote: 

Nothing is perfect. But there is peace and love in our home. I am a different person because of all I’ve gone through with Lincoln and learned in the process. I have come through the trenches and have a great foundation. And now I teach parenting classes!” 

This is how I still feel today. In awe that I’ve created the peaceful home I deeply desire, healed myself along the way, and have the privilege of sharing what I’ve learned with you. 


You and I Are Alike 

We both love our kids and want to show up for our kids with kindness, compassion, confidence and a deep inner calm. 

We both want our kids to be respectful and make good choices. and we both feel terrible when we yell or shame them into obedience. 

We want really good relationships with our kids and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 


10 Observations to Make Parenting Easier

To help you take the first (or next steps) in your parenting journey, I've gathered 10  tried-and-true rules to live by in parenting. 

If you practice these 10 things in your family, you will 100% have less yelling, more listening, more peace and feel a lot more calm. 

And it won’t take 10 years to see these results! It’s almost instant! 

Listen in to hear them all.


You’ll Learn:

  • What it was REALLY like for me when my kids were younger
  • The parenting goals I set for myself (and the fears that kept coming up)
  • 10 of my favorite observations about parenting


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