Back To School Shit Show

Back To School Shit Show

Aug 17, 2022

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The transition back to school from summer break is definitely a transition. There are special challenges that come up, and I want you to be prepared for the shenanigans that might happen with your kids in the coming weeks. 

In this episode, I’m talking about 5 things you need to know as school starts and how to create the right mindset going into the next couple of weeks so that you can be compassionate with your kids (and so you don't lose your mind).

I share these not because I want you to be filled with worry and dread, but because I want you to go into this school year feeling confident, ready and hopeful. And I want you to be able to feel calm when this stuff is happening. 


5 Things You Need To Know As School Starts

1. Your kid may not like their teacher. It doesn’t mean anything about your kid or what their year will be like. Quality relationships take time to build, and it’s ok if your kid doesn’t warm up to their teacher right away.

2. Your kids are going to be exhausted the first week of school. Keep the afternoons open and be flexible. I love to stay away from screens for the first hour and use this time for connection, outdoor time, or just a rest.

3. Sibling conflict might shoot through the roof during this back to school transition. Try to create special time with your kids by spending 10 minutes or so one-on-one with each kid doing whatever they’re doing.  

4. Social stuff is going to come up. It happens at almost every age. Friendships shift over the summer, and navigating friendships might be hard for your kid. Give it some time and trust that your child is going to find their people, their friend group, and it's going to be okay. Be comfortable with your child's discomfort.

5. Expect misbehavior to escalate over the next two weeks. Your child is going through a lot and using all their good coping strategies at school all day.  When they come home, they can finally relax.  And more big feelings cycles are likely to happen. 

Remember, this is a transition, and transitions are temporary.  Your family WILL figure this out.  Listen to the full episode for the how-to and plenty of real-life examples to prepare for the weeks ahead.


You’ll Learn:

  • 5 challenges that often arise as school starts - and how to handle them
  • Thoughts to help you (and your kids) through the back-to-school transition
  • What your #1 job is as a mom in these first weeks of the school year
  • An exercise to help you prepare your mindset


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