Avoid Summer Burnout

Jun 23, 2022

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 Let’s face it.  Summer is great.  And it’s a lot.

A lot of time with kids. Traveling. Extra meal prep. Day trips with snack bags. Feeling like there’s not enough time to get work done. Long days. Late nights. Sibling fights. Loneliness. 

You’re going to need a plan to enjoy the season - and avoid burnout.


Summer Burnout

Summer Burnout is a real thing. So many decisions to make. So many mental demands. So much emotional labor. 

When you don’t have time to re-charge, you are going to be more reactive and less patient.

To show up as a calm mama this summer, you are going to need time alone.  Your body, heart and mind will all need a break.


Take a Break

How would you feel if you had a few hours “off” each week where you reset your body, heart, and mind? Who would you be? What would change in your life if you felt less burned out? Less exhausted? Less overwhelmed?

My guess?  You’ll come back feeling better and more calm.  Feeling rested will improve your relationships, make you more effective at work and bring more peace and joy to your home.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. It’s not something you earn. It’s not something you have to prove you need. 

Taking care of yourself is vital to being a human. It’s vital to being a woman. It’s vital to being a mom. 

In this episode, I’m teaching you how to plan for breaks and self care - in a way that ensures they actually happen!

I call it the Calm Mama Break, and we’re going step-by-step through creating your personal plan.

We’re also talking about how to fit “mini-breaks” into your daily rhythms.

When you decide that taking care of yourself this summer and avoiding burnout is a PRIORITY - you will be creative and find a way to make it happen!  And I’m here to help you do it.

Listen now for all the details.


You’ll Learn:

  • Why burnout happens
  • Signs that you are approaching burnout
  • The benefits of taking a break
  • How to plan your Calm Mama Break 


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