Pause & Reset Your Mind

Apr 06, 2022

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Today we are talking about how to pause & reset your MIND and what I like to call “mama mind drama”.

When I talk about resetting your mind, what I mean is that you’ll move from default negative thoughts to intentional positive thoughts.

And this shift will change the way you show up and respond to your child.

It's not your kid's behavior that is driving you crazy.

It's your thoughts about your kid's behavior that are driving you crazy.

It's what you are making that behavior mean.

When you think thoughts like…

My kid doesn’t have the right to be this mad. He/She/They are the one who did the wrong thing in the first place.
They should know better.
If I was a better mom my kid would be happier and better behaved. This is my fault.
I can’t handle anything right now because I have so much pressure on me and I can’t ever get a break.
I must deal with this behavior right now or else it's going to get worse.
My kid will never learn.

You’ll notice feelings of anger, resentment, fear and overwhelm come up.

When your thoughts about a situation or behavior are negative, your stress response is WAY more likely to kick in.

Once stress juice takes over, you find yourself yelling and doing all the mom things you don’t like.

If you want to feel calm, peace, confidence, and compassion, you’ve got to choose thoughts that help you feel that way.

And in this episode, I’m teaching you how to do it!

You’ll Learn:

  • How your thoughts affect how you show up as a mom
  • What default thoughts are and how to shift your thoughts so you change your behavior
  • How to move through the stress response
  • My favorite thoughts that you can borrow when you need a reset
  • Real life examples for kids of all ages


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