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Hi! I'm Darlynn Childress!

I'm a life coach and parenting expert who helps mom raise emotionally healthy kids without losing their shit.

But here's what you really need to know about me. I am a reformed yeller. A recovering mom-rager. I used to get so mad that spit would fly out of my mouth as I was yelling. 

I would scream at my kids and as I yelled I watched their faces shift from joy to terror. My anger and stress created anger and stress in my kids.

The guilt I felt was overwhelming.

I would fall into bed every night promising myself that I would act differently tomorrow. I would apologize to the kids but at some point then next day I'd lose my shit again. 

I was stuck in an endless spiral of yelling, guilt, resentment and shame. 

The tool I'm teaching you in this cheat sheet is the ONE THING I used to become the calm, kind and compassionate parent I am today. 

I'm so glad you're getting your hands on this simple tool to stop yelling so you feel calmer and connect better.

xo, Darlynn 

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