Find out exactly how to manage misbehavior, without yelling in this on-demand training.


If you’ve ever had the thought...

They only listen when I yell!


Then this free parenting workshop is for you.

Kids act in frustrating ways A LOT.

They yell, hit, complain, ignore, move like snails, pout, lie, blame, beg, whine, and sometimes flat-out refuse to comply.

Misbehavior creates a lot of conflict in families. It’s one of the main reasons parents yell.

Parenting doesn't need to be so chaotic.

Your kids can listen to you and behave better, even if you don't yell, threaten, bribe, lecture or punish them. 

Find out how in the free "Managing Meltdowns & Misbehavior"  parenting workshop.

In this free one-hour workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Stop getting so annoyed and angry when your kids misbehave

  • Have less misbehavior by addressing what causes misbehavior in the first place

  • Stay firm about your rules and limits, without being harsh, using a simple formula

  • Use strategies that teach your kids to think about their actions

You will walk away from this quick parenting class feeling more calm, more confident, and on your way to creating a peaceful home.

Register for the free training now, and get instant access.

Hi! I'm Darlynn!

I'm a life and parent coach.

For over a decade, I've been helping parents learn to manage their own emotions, emotionally coach their kids and set boundaries that work. 

What I've noticed is that sometimes there's a gap between the parent you want to be and the parent you are right now.

Stress, anger, confusion and overwhelm often stand in our way. 

If you want to understand how to practice connection and correction IN REAL TIME with your kids, so they learn to think before they act, you'll definitely want to be at the "Managing Meltdowns and Misbehavior Masterclass".

I'm the type of parenting coach who teaches tools and gives you scripts and strategies, so you know how to achieve the calm and peaceful home you deeply desire. 

No matter how old your kids are, or how reactive you can be, it's never too late to become a calm parent. It's possible, and I'm here to help. 

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