It's possible to have easy mornings ...without yelling, repeating yourself and feeling super frustrated.

Sneak Peek!

really didn't like our mornings, but after using this guide, I figured out what we needed to tweak and created a routine that works for me. -Deb Clark

Let's clear something up right now. We are all "good" moms. You are a good mom. I have no doubt. 


But sometimes, there's a gap between the mom you want to be and the mom you are right now. Stress, anger, confusion and overwhelm often stand in our way. 


As you probably already know, self-regulation is super important in parenting. But knowing HOW to calm yourself is a major obstacle for moms - especially if you struggle with reactivity and hyper-vigilance. It used to be like that for me. 


The cool thing, though, is that once you discover how to calm yourself, you're able to teach your kids how to calm themselves. Which makes your home so much more peaceful! 


When you're calm, you have more clarity about how to handle tricky parenting moments with your kids. Feeling calm gives you access to compassion, so you connect better with your kids, and teach them to self regulate. 


These are all good ideas, but implementing them requires a set of skills that most of us didn't learn from our parents. That's why I teach parents how to calm themselves, how to connect with their kids, and how to set limits without using shame, pain, or punishment. 


Having a parenting coach, who teaches tools and gives you scripts and strategies, will help you achieve the calm and peaceful home you deeply desire. 


No matter how old your kids are, or how reactive you can be, it's never too late to become a calm mama. It's possible, and I'm here to help.