You can raise a responsible teen who is emotionally healthyready for adulthood & still likes you! 

Let me show you how 

I'm Darlynn! I'm a parent coach who helps parents of teens not lose their shit while setting boundaries and emotionally connecting with their teenager. 

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You can raise an emotionally healthy & responsible teen, who is ready for adulthood & still likes you! 

Let me show you how

I'm Darlynn! I'm a parent coach who helps parents of teens not lose their shit while setting boundaries and emotionally connecting with their teenager.

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 Letting Go While Still Holding On

What Parenting Teens Is Really Like... 

You feel confused about when you should hold boundaries and when you should let your teen take the reins.

You know you’re “supposed” to “let go” but how and when?

You can’t tell if their behavior is normal teen stuff or if there is something more going on.

You’re not sure how to talk to your teen anymore. They shut you down. Hide in their room. Don’t want to spend time with you. There’s so much arguing. Every conversation feels like a fight.

You find yourself constantly annoyed by the laziness of your teen. The way they procrastinate everything drives you crazy.

You feel like a nag but don’t know how else to deal with their behavior. Yelling and lecturing aren’t working, and you feel stuck. 

You’re afraid you’ll push your teen away if you’re too strict, but you don’t trust them to make responsible decisions.

They are out-and-about in the world, possibly making dumb-ass decisions, with their half-developed brain, that could possibly ruin their lives. It all feels so risky.

You feel like you’re running out of time to teach them all the things.

You miss the closeness you felt when they were younger. You’re worried that they’ll leave the house and you won’t be close to them ever again. 

All you want is to help your teen be emotionally healthy & make responsible decisions, without ruining your relationship with them.

The reason you’re confused, scared, frustrated, and sad is NOT  because you’re a bad parent.  


It's because parenting teens requires a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting. 


From being the leader of their lives who makes decisions on their behalf.

To becoming the guide in their lives who helps them make good decisions on behalf of themselves.

(PS This is a total mind-fuck) 


#1 You have to understand the developmental process of adolescence: so you know what’s normal and what are red flags.

#2 You have to shift from making rules to setting boundaries: so you develop a healthy relationship with your teen based on mutual respect, not control.

#3 You have to learn to trust your teen: so you can let them become an adult. (This is the hardest part.) 


In The Emotionally Healthy Teens parenting course, you learn how to make the shift from leader to guide, while creating closeness and connection with your teen. 


Our next session begins in 2024.

The cost for the course is $397 which includes the 6 weeks of weekly group classes + 6 months of monthly group sessions for continued support. 


What You'll Learn

 In The Emotionally Healthy Teen Course, you learn:

What the hell is “normal” adolescent stuff and what is indicative of deeper issues. 

 How to balance “letting go” while also still holding your kids accountable and keeping them safe.

Limits and boundaries with teenagers. We will get into all the things – curfews, sleep, grades, room tidiness, attitude, family time, money, sex, drugs, vaping, all of it. 

Creating more quality conversations so you become an emotional coach and guide for your teens, instead of a barking head and nag.

Understanding what you can and can’t “control” and how to manage your own fears and worries as your kids get older. 

Working with Darlynn transformed how I think about parenting. Our whole family life has more ease, even though we tackle tough topics more often. We just came back from a family vacation that was one of the best we've had. I'm a happy parent of two teenage girls! I recommend Darlynn's course to all my friends.

—Suzanne Miller

I'm absolutely in awe of what you've helped me discover and so FREAKING grateful. I feel like I'm shifting everything for the better and releasing so much of what really doesn't matter but was causing drama before. 
—Nicole Lance

Inside The Emotionally Healthy Teens Course you get

Live Weekly Class


This course is taught LIVE - one step at a time, week after week.  It's not a recorded course. This is not DIY. The course is a "done with you" program. I'm personally walking you through the program.  

The Raising Teens Guidebook

A jam-packed guidebook, with lessons, journal prompts, and exercises to make sure you are progressing and practicing what you are learning.

Sample scripts, conversation guides, and how-to scripts for setting boundaries are included. 


Email Support 

Whenever you have questions or tricky stuff comes up, you can reach out for help via email.

Darlynn will answer as quick as she can (but within 24 hours at the most) and give you practical guidance so you don't get stuck. 

Class Recordings For 6 months

The recordings for the Emotionally Healthy Teens Course will be available for 6 months, so you can rewatch them whenever you need a refresher.

The recordings are kept private, and password protected, so you don't have to worry about anyone outside of those enrolled in the current course will have access to the recordings. 

6 Months of  Monthly Support Group

For 6 months following our group class, we will continue to meet on the first Monday of the month.

During these group support sessions, Darlynn will answer questions and give support and guidance. 

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Meet Your Coach: Darlynn Childress

Raising teenagers is SOOOO confusing. It's hard. It's scary. It's INFURIATING. It's all the things, and yet there aren't a ton of resources for parents of teenagers out there. 

I get it. I'm in it RIGHT NOW. I've felt the terror that starts in your stomach when you aren't sure if they're going to be ok.

I've felt that hands-in-the-air powerlessness of it. The frustration that you need to talk to them about VERY important things and they aren't around...or the discomfort when they are around but aren't motivated to do anything. 

Plus all the underlying sadness to it all...the letting go and the grief that slides in alongside all of this. 

I've combined my 10+ years as a parent educator, my background of working as a middle and high school teacher, and my own personal experience raising my own teenagers to create this course for parents of teens. 

These are the same tools I use in my parenting, and have taught to 100's of parents over the years. I can't wait to share them with you. 


When you join, you can see results like these...

"I have to say that the group is really amazing. Our kids are different kids now. Our family dynamic is different. I know there’s going to be lots of ups and downs and stuff to come but it’s really nice to not feel hopeless.”
-Lynda Pagliaro
“I LOVE being coached by you—it has truly made a huge impact in my life. I truly feel that the last few weeks—there has been a “shift”in my life, in the kids, how I parent… it’s been so so so GOOD—and something that I can see we have all benefited from. I can SEE and feel the benefits. Thank you so much.”

—Netanya Dennis

When making a decision like this, you might have questions like... 

  • Will this work if my partner isn't on board?
  • What if I don't have a lot of time?
  • Will I still get results if I miss a session?
  • I have a tween can I still join? 
  • I've done a ton of personal work. How is this different?
  • I'm scared...I want this but I have so many doubts. 

Your questions and concerns are 100% valid! I want you to make the best decision possible.

Schedule a free consultation with me and I'll walk you through how the program works so you can decide if it's the right fit for you. 

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This course will give you tools to strengthen your relationship with your teen, and equip you to support your teen’s emotional health.

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