March 15 - June 7



Does any of this sound familiar?

My kids fight all the time

They only listen when I yell

Bedtime is a nightmare

They're always sneaking the Ipad

My daughter is disrespectful

My son won't do his homework

My kids won't get off devices without a fight

My child has crazy outbursts and meltdowns 

The teacher keeps emailing me about my child's behavior

My daughter is being bullied

I hate yelling at my kids but I can't seem to stop

Here's a secret:

Most of the problems in your family come down to one thing... feelings.


When your kids don't know what to do with their feelings... they don't listen, have giant meltdowns, get super moody and are generally more difficult to be around


When you aren't great with your feelings... you yell, threaten, lecture, punish, bribe, act controlling, give in, randomly take things away and generally don't show up as the mom you want to be


Knowing what to do with emotion is key to long-term emotional health. 


In Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids, a 3 month group parenting course, you learn what to do with your feelings, so you can teach your kids what to do with theirs.

At the end of this parenting course, you'll ..

  • Feel calmer as a mom! You'll yell less and stop losing your shit so much

  • Have fewer meltdowns! You'll know how to help your kids manage their feelings

  • Create better routines!  Bedtime, mornings, screen time, tidying and school work  will all be easier and you won't have to repeat yourself or yell to get your kids to listen 

  • Know how to handle mistakes and "not listening"! You'll have a kind and effective way to follow through on consequences that isn’t bribing, threatening, or punishing


In the Emotionally Healthy Kids course, you learn The Calm Mama Process - a simple 4-step parenting system. 


This one is all about YOU. You learn how to check in with yourself and calm your reactive stress response. We address why you get upset in the first place, and gives you simple tools to quickly move from overwhelm to calm.
This one is about your kid. Checking in with their feelings and giving them tools to manage feelings so they change their behavior from the inside out.
Limit Set:
This one is all about behavior. Setting up rules and limits so your routines run smoothly and your home is calm. Learn to get your kids to listen to you, without you having to repeat yourself 5x, and giving them a bunch of reminders.
This is all about mistakes. Allowing your kids to fail and giving them opportunities to fix their mistakes and deal with the consequences of their actions in a loving, shame-free way.
Whenever any circumstance or behavior happens, you’ll use the Calm Mama Process to resolve the situation in a peaceful, mutually respectful way. 


One Time Payment


Parenting Class + membership in Calm Mama Club for one year + 2 bonus private 1 hour coaching sessions

Monthly Payment Plan

$333 x 3 months

Parenting Class + membership in Calm Mama Club for one year

I'm absolutely in awe of what you've helped me discover and so FREAKING grateful. I feel like I'm shifting everything for the better and releasing so much of what really doesn't matter but was causing drama before. 
—Nicole Lance
Working with Darlynn transformed how I think about parenting. Our whole family life has more ease, even though we tackle tough topics more often. We just came back from a family vacation that was one of the best we've had. I'm a happy parent of two teenage girls! I recommend Darlynn's course to all my friends.

—Suzanne Miller

Inside Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids You Get:

Live Weekly Class

Spring 2023 group meets Wednesdays from 11am -12pm PT / 2pm - 3pm ET every week for 3 months. March 15 to June 7, 2023. 


This course is taught LIVE - one step at a time, week after week.  This is not DIY. The course is a "done with you" program. 


The group is kept small, around 10 moms, so everyone gets a chance to ask questions and receive support.

The Calm Mama Parenting Vault

On-demand and exclusive access to The Calm Mama course.

In this program, you get exclusive access to all parenting workshops, scripts, tools and strategies to teach your kids what to do with big feelings, set limits that work and follow up with consequences when needed.

Plus access to bonus courses and other trainings.

On Demand Daily Coaching

Whenever you have questions or things that come up, you can reach out for help via email.

You will not get stuck in this program.

You’ll have daily support.

Private Community

Members receive instant access to a private Facebook community with their peers in the program – to share wins, celebrate, get support and feedback. Parenting can be lonely, and the Calm Mama Club allows you to have a place to connect with others who are out there doing the same thing as you – creating a peaceful home, while juggling real life.

Calm Mama Workbook

Nearly 100 pages of lessons, journal prompts, and exercises to make sure you are progressing and practicing what you are learning.

Meet Your Coach: Darlynn Childress

“Peace in my home is missing.” This is what I wrote in my journal when my son was 4 years old.

I was struggling as a mom so much back then. I was shocked by my rage, my resentment, my fear, and the sheer overwhelm of it all.

At my lowest point, I finally admitted I needed help. My decision to figure out a different way of being a mom led me on a twisty-turvy road of healing and learning and growing.

I get it. I've done it. And I'm here to guide you on your own twisty-turvy road of healing and learning and growing.

I do this work because I know the feeling of falling into bed at night, flooded with sadness, anger, disappointment, guilt and regret. I've been the mom who scares herself with the depth of her own anger and gets stuck in shame.

I started this program because I want to help every mom I can get out of her pain, sadness and overwhelm so she can enjoy her kids and get the peace that's missing.

I've been there, Mama. And I know exactly how to get you the peace and calm and hope and joy that you're craving. 


Do you love the details? Click below for a detailed outline for each section of the course.

When you join, you can see results like these...

"I have to say that the group is really amazing. Our kids are different kids now. Our family dynamic is different. I know there’s going to be lots of ups and downs and stuff to come but it’s really nice to not feel hopeless.”
-Lynda Pagliaro
"My daughter told me she’s proud of me for taking this class. I asked her why and she said, 'Because it shows you care about being better at being a mom. You yell less and when we are having big feelings or bad behavior you take us aside to work through our emotions.'."

—Mori Leshem

“I LOVE being coached by you—it has truly made a huge impact in my life. I truly feel that the last few weeks—there has been a “shift”in my life, in the kids, how I parent… it’s been so so so GOOD—and something that I can see we have all benefited from. I can SEE and feel the benefits. Thank you so much.”

—Netanya Dennis

When making a decision like this, you might have questions like... 

  • Will this work if my partner isn't on board?
  • What if I don't have a lot of time?
  • Will I still get results if I miss a session?
  • What age is this for? I have a tween/teen and I want to know if the examples will apply to me 
  • I've done a ton of personal work. How is this different?
  • I'm scared...I want this but I have so many doubts. 

Your questions and concerns are 100% valid! I want you to make the best decision possible.

Schedule a free consultation with me and I'll walk you through how the program works so you can decide if it's the right fit for you. 

Book A 20-Minute Consultation With Darlynn

The Calm Mama Guarantee

We offer you a satisfaction guarantee and will refund the entire amount paid by you if you—the parent—are not satisfied with the program within the first 30 days.