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 Where did your sweet little kid go? They're still in there!

Are you a parent navigating the challenging journey of raising a middle schooler?

Do you find yourself struggling to understand their rapidly changing emotions and behaviors? 

If you have a kid aged 11-14, I’m sure you can relate to some of this: 

  • Your kid is spending more and more time in their room

  • More tearful, emotional, angry or short-tempered than ever before

  • Showing a lot of annoyance towards you and their siblings

  • Family time is strained and hard to create

  • Vacillate between very immature to mature 

  • Very sensitive to criticism

  • Super critical and harsh towards parents and siblings (& self)

  • Social ups and down - drama, loneliness, feeling left out

  • Lots of time on tiktok, discord, and snapchat but you have no idea if it's safe

  • Obsessed with the way they look, or completely uninterested in hygiene

Sheesh. This list is full of un-fun parenting stuff! 

But don’t worry, solutions are coming your way.

It's time to empower yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to foster an emotionally healthy and confident middle schooler.

Welcome to the transformative 6-week Emotionally Healthy Middle School Course! 

The next session will begin in 2024 - dates and times TBA 

🧠 Why The Emotionally Healthy Middle Schooler Course? 🧠

Middle school is a pivotal time in your child's life, marked by numerous emotional, social, and psychological changes. This comprehensive parenting course is designed to help you:

🧠 Understand Emotional & Physical Development: Gain insights into the intricate world of your middle schooler's emotions, as well as their bodies (aka puberty!), and learn how to guide them through this transformative phase.

🤝 Enhance Communication: Discover how to talk to your middle schooler to build up your relationship without lecturing, arguing, yelling and shutting them down.

😊 Boost Self-Concept: Learn how to nurture your child's self-esteem, helping them develop a positive self-image that will guide them through adolescence and beyond.

🌈 Build Responsibility: Find out how to set limits and follow through with consequences that actually equip your middle schooler to become more responsible and develop emotional resilience.

🤔 Navigate Peer Pressure: Equip your child with the tools to make confident decisions and resist negative peer influences.


 🙌 Course Highlights: 🙌

📅 Live Interactive Sessions: Join us on Zoom for engaging live sessions every week, led by Darlynn, a parent educator, life coach and former middle school teacher. Ask questions, share experiences, and connect with a community of like-minded parents.

📚 Comprehensive Curriculum: Our 6-week curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from emotional health and conflict resolution to building strong friendships and healthy boundaries.

🎥 Real-Life Scenarios: Dive into real-life case studies and scenarios to apply your newfound knowledge in practical situations, ensuring lasting impact.

🔑 Practical Strategies: Walk away with actionable strategies you can implement immediately to create a nurturing environment that supports your middle schooler's emotional growth.

🧡 Supportive Community: Connect with fellow parents who understand your journey, share insights, and create lasting bonds through our dedicated online community.


One Time Payment


6 week group parenting course + 6 months of monthly group support

“Working with Darlynn transformed how I think about parenting. Our whole family life has more ease, even though we tackle tough topics more often. We just came back from a family vacation that was one of the best we've had. I'm a happy parent of two teenage girls! I recommend Darlynn's course to all my friends.
—Suzanne Miller
I'm absolutely in awe of what you've helped me discover and so FREAKING grateful. I feel like I'm shifting everything for the better and releasing so much of what really doesn't matter but was causing drama before. 
—Nicole Lance

The Emotionally Healthy Middle Schooler Course Includes:

Live Weekly Class


This course is taught LIVE - one step at a time, week after week.  It's not a recorded course. This is not DIY. The course is a "done with you" program. I'm personally walking you through the program.  


The "Parenting Your Middle Schooler" Handbook

A jam-packed guidebook, with lessons, journal prompts, and exercises to make sure you are progressing and practicing what you are learning.

Sample scripts, conversation guides, and how-to scripts for setting boundaries are included. 

Email Support 

Whenever you have questions or tricky stuff comes up, you can reach out for help via email.

Darlynn will answer as quick as she can (but within 24 hours at the most) and give you practical guidance so you don't get stuck. 

Class Recordings For 6 months

The recordings for the Emotionally Healthy Middle Schooler Course will be available for 6 months after our live sessions, so you can rewatch them whenever you need a refresher.

The recordings are kept private, and password protected, so you don't have to worry about anyone outside of those enrolled in the current course will have access to the recordings. 

6 Months of  Monthly Support Group

For 6 months after our live class ends, we will continue to meet on the first Monday of the month.

During these group support sessions, Darlynn will answer questions and give support and guidance. 

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Meet Your Coach: Darlynn Childress

Having a middle schooler in the house is TOUGH.  It's SOOOO confusing. It's INFURIATING. It's all the things, and yet there aren't a ton of resources for parents of middle schoolers out there. 

I've been there. As a mom of two teenagers, I've navigated the middle school power struggles over screen time, study habits, friend conflicts, hygiene and chores. 

I've felt that hands-in-the-air powerlessness of it. The frustration that builds when even small disagreements turn into giant yelling matches, complete with eye-rolls, doors slamming, and "I hate you's".  

Plus all the underlying confusion of it all...how strict are you supposed to be? What does "let them fail" even mean? 

I've combined my 10+ years as a parent educator, my background of working as a middle and high school teacher, and my own personal experience raising my own teenagers to create this course for parents of middle schoolers. 

These are the same tools I use in my parenting, and have taught to 100's of parents over the years. I can't wait to share them with you. 


When you join, you can see results like these...

"I have to say that the group is really amazing. Our kids are different kids now. Our family dynamic is different. I know there’s going to be lots of ups and downs and stuff to come but it’s really nice to not feel hopeless.”
-Lynda Pagliaro
“I LOVE being coached by you—it has truly made a huge impact in my life. I truly feel that the last few weeks—there has been a “shift”in my life, in the kids, how I parent… it’s been so so so GOOD—and something that I can see we have all benefited from. I can SEE and feel the benefits. Thank you so much.”

—Netanya Dennis

When making a decision like this, you might have questions like... 

  • Will this work if my partner isn't on board?
  • What if I don't have a lot of time?
  • Will I still get results if I miss a session?
  • I have an 8th grader, should I still join?
  • I've done a ton of personal work. How is this different?
  • I'm scared...I want this but I have so many doubts. 

Your questions and concerns are 100% valid! I want you to make the best decision possible.

Schedule a free consultation with me and I'll walk you through how the program works so you can decide if it's the right fit for you. 

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🌟 The Relationship You Want With Your Adult Child Starts Now! 🌟

Investing in your child's emotional health today is an investment in their confident, resilient future.

Enroll now in The Emotionally Healthy Middle Schooler Course and embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to guide your middle schooler toward emotional intelligence and lasting well-being.

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Parenting is a journey, and together, we can create a foundation of emotional health that will shape your middle schooler's life for years to come. Join us today! 🌈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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